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Hey Mompreneur....

I'm Jackie McMullen, the founder of Jackie McMullen Creative. I feel a strong calling to help other mompreneurs grow their business through podcasting as their #1 marketing tool. I'm a mother to 3 kids, wife, podcast host, totally into all things “woo” and continuously leaning into self development. 

I help mompreneurs in the health/ wellness & self development space grow their business through podcasting without the stress & burn out through teaching mindset and podcast strategy. Through my work I aim to inspire and cultivate a supportive community for moms to gain confidence, time and the resources necessary to succeed with their podcast.

Learn about my story

I understand what it’s like to have a message but not sure how to get it out to the world. When my oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia at 21 months old back in 2019 I knew I could take tragedy and help others. As a new mother, my world felt like it was falling apart and my dreams were shattered. My husband and I felt hopeless, helpless and terrified.


Enter the light….early on in my son’s treatment I had a spiritual encounter that gave me the strength to show up when my son needed me the most. Throughout his treatment, and in dealing with my own grief and trauma, I was determined to help the next family. This resulted in the creation of my former podcast, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Mamma Care (A.L.L. Mamma Care).

It was my way to give back to all the organizations and resources that helped my son and our family during his treatment and still today. As a result I connected with over 40 organizations and created a community of close families to help them and their children throughout treatment and beyond. Today my son is thriving and I'm forever connected to other “momcologists”.

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Fast forward to 2021 when my second son was 8 months old, I decided to turn my passion for podcasting into a business. I launched Jackie McMullen Creative. I worked 1:1 with clients to help them enhance the quality of their podcast, through audio and content creation. From there I joined a publicist team which only fueled my love for all things podcasting and my desire to help others share their message and attract success.

Now I offers mompreneurs a pathway to promote their business through podcasting. I have a clear vision to help other moms get their message out of their head and broadcast it to the world to scale their business. I guides moms so they can create consistent podcast episodes, market their business and get to the next level.

If you’re ready to get customized 1:1 support that incorporates mindset, accountability and education to help you leverage your business through podcasting I’d love to connect and invite you into the possibilities for magic!

Here’s how I'm different from other podcast coaches:

  • I launched my first podcast the hard way; without a support system, and had to teach myself how to “do all the things”.

  • As a mom to three children I understand that moms do business differently and need to go at their own pace.

  • I'm BIG on mindset and can teach moms how to harness this power and channel it into the success of their podcast.

  • I'm the biggest cheerleader when it comes to providing moms the space and time to develop a strategy that works specifically for them for their podcast.

  • I also have my undergraduate degree in Communications & Marketing as well as my Masters in Education so I know how to help you. 


Your turn.

A great place to start is to download my free ebook here so you can save time when creating your podcast content. 

And if you're ready to launch your podcast click here to book your discovery so we can get started working privately. 

And if you want to say hi or invite me to be on your podcast I'd love to hear from you.

McMullen family

What’s my ideal day?

Mediation, working out & beach while listening to a podcast on business or self development, a peaceful dinner with my husband al fresco, music and chocolate ice cream

Ready to work together?

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